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Aaron Gates:

Aaron Gates grew up in Pennsylvania, lived for two years in São Paulo, studied rhetoric and composition in Utah, and now finds himself exploring the cityscape of Seattle and working as a copyeditor. He also helps manage peculiar: A Queer Literary Journal, which he co-founded, and his poetry has been published in Sugar House Review. In his spare time, Aaron analyzes posthuman aspects in Calvin and Hobbes, enjoys twice-baked ham and cheese croissants, and searches out anything plaid for his lumberjack wedding Pinterest board.

B. Gallagher

Brenna Gallagher is a chicken nugget fanatic, proud ex-vegan, and sad woman extraordinaire. A Pittsburgh native, most of her writing has to do with rivers, bridges, and sweet & sour sauce. You can find more of her film work on her Vimeo page, linked from Instagram @brenna2turnt. She thanks you for reading her piece and encourages you to drink more pop, the water is poison.

Brooke Nantz

I yam what I yam. I sweet potato what I sweet potato.

Claire Krueger

Claire Krueger is a versatile maker. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, she received an MFA in Photography and Film at Virginia Commonwealth University. Primarily a teaching artist, her personal practice takes the form of video, photography, and illustration. She is passionate about community programming, printed matter, and accessible media. You can find her projects at www.clairekrueger.com.

Daiske Shen

Daisuke Shen grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and Toyohira, Hiroshima. Their work has been published in drDOCTOR, Joyland Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, The Asian American Literary Review, and more. You can follow them on Instagram @ginsengmasque and read some of their work at www.neutralspaces.co/daisukeshen.

Eleanor Sturm

Eleanor Sturm is a fashion designer, photographer, and writer, drawing inspiration from the wonders of planet Earth and a passion to care for her. She’s a fervent champion of localized foodways and makes a mean pimento cheese (vegan upon request). Born and raised in East TN, she now lives in Queens, NY.

Emily Blair

Emily Blair is a queer Appalachian poet and blue-collar scholar. Originally from Fort Chiswell, Virginia, she spent time in Blacksburg VA and Louisville KY before settling in North Carolina to teach community college, write, and keep a surprising number of plants alive. You can find information about her publications and purchase her work, including her first chapbook of poetry WE ARE BIRDS, on her website, emilyblairpoet.com.

Ezra Mars

Ezra Mars is a graduate of Columbia College’s film program. After college Mars moved back to his home state of WV where he created Eraserhaus, an arthouse that connects community with local and abroad artists. When he isn’t running a show, he’s working on his pieces in poetry and film. He’s self published three chapbooks; my clit is a home I want to burn down, a dream is a body returned, and let’s call this my cry for help. Currently he’s working on his first collection and full length film.

Jordan Laney

Jordan Laney is an educator, writer, and facilitator from McDowell County, North Carolina. She can be found teaching in the Department of Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech and at festivals throughout central Appalachia, where she studies traditional music scenes, gender, alternative economic structures, and theories of performativity. More can be found at www.jordanlaney.com

Kevin Chesser

Kirsten Kirby-Shoote

Kirsten is a PNW-bred, Detroit-based Indigenous food activist and urban farmer. Her work can be found emerging from the soils at Leilú Gardens and in the countless Tupperware currently occupying her fridge.

Liz Clayton Scofield

Liz Clayton Scofield (they/them/their) is an interdisiciplinary artist, writer, wanderer, collaborator, and cat dad based in Baltimore, MD. They received their MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington, and their BA from Vanderbilt University. They are interested in object performance, queer strategies and practices, Becoming, transformation, healing and recovery. Their work has been featured in publications including Number Magazine, Nashville Arts Magazine, and Wussy Mag. Exhibitions and performances include Cucalorus Festival, SeedSpace, Fuller Projects, and Noise Gallery. They have been an artist-in-residence with Cucalorus and the School of Making Thinking, and they also work with Cucalorus Festival as installation coordinator. They are 70 percent water, 100 percent heart, and they wear it on their sleeve. They write love letters to oranges. (www.lizclaytonscofield.com)

Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas is from the unincorporated community of Loudendale, West Virginia and is currently based out of Huntington. Their work has been featured in Hobart, and the Screen Door Review. They believe that the good ol' days are yet to come.

Rachel Becker

Rachel Becker teaches English and Creative Writing in Newton, MA. She lives in Boston with her husband, kids, and elder-cat. She is excited for her four year old to emerge from his 'beige food period' in the near future.

Travis Mersing

Originally from rural West Virginia, Travis dreams of owning a cider orchard and an envy-inducing patch of ramps. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Souvenir, Stirring, and the Southwest Review.

Vegas L. Longlois

Vegas L. Longlois is a queer, genderqueer cat parent currently studying medicine in New Jersey. They love to make gluten-free, vegetarian versions of their favorite Texas foods, perform as a drag king, and talk endlessly about intersectional approaches to fantasy. They are currently working on a collection of queer short stories that may or may not ever be finished.

Ashley Renee Hoffman

Ashley Renee Hoffman is a photographer and collage artist living in Frederick, Maryland. Much of her work is commentary on the connection between social injustice and environmental devastation.

Bennet Sundlie

Bennet Sundlie is a printmaker and poet who graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. Their work has been published in Moonsick Magazine and they have shown their prints in New York and Italy. They currently live and work in New York City.

Bianca Prince

Bianca Prince is an Appalachian from Charleston, WV, where she is a library assistant by day and a writer by night. She is currently working on her memoir and first collection of poetry. When she is not writing, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her growing family of felines.

Bryan Richards

Bryan Richards is a cartoonist and designer from West Virginia. His themes are a tongue in cheek combination of punk and West Virginian culture. You can find more of his work on Instagram @best.virginia

Cassie Lopez

Cassie is a musician and visual artist living in Kentucky.

coco gagnet

coco gagnet is thinking about making a pie with raspberries and sweet corn. a philosophy graduate, she loves seashells, and riding her bike to see the cows. coco believes beauty deserves us, and that a river is fat and alive with the promise of spring.

Eleni Padden

Eleni Padden is a researcher and writer with roots in both Florida and Appalachia. Her current research projects focus upon rural human trafficking and health literacy, as well as socioeconomic equity in rural communities. She holds degrees in creative writing, psychology, and cognitive science from Johns Hopkins University and will be attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh next year to study clinical social work and public health policy. Some of her important life goals are to one day own a 70 gallon saltwater fish tank, grow her own shiitake mushrooms and visit the CERN particle accelerator. More of her poetry can be found in Reality Hands, Backbone Mountain Review, and The Lune.

Emma Bergman

Emma Bergman is a performer, artist, and collaborator currently based in Baltimore, MD. She uses visuals, sounds, words, and her body to ask questions and exchange stories. Emma is interested in collaboration and the powerful languages that form between collaborators. She is a founding member of the multimedia performance collective Call Your Mom. Her work can be found online at emmasbergman.com.

Jennifer Della'Zanna

Jennifer Della’Zanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, German and Ancient/Koinae Greek, and she received an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction in 2013 from Seton Hill University. She is a member of the Maryland Writer’s Association, Historical Novel Society, and the Editorial Freelancers Association. Jennifer has had articles published in more than 30 print and online magazines, as well as six articles for the Encyclopedia of Sex, Love and Courtship in the Medieval World. Her first novel, a historical fantasy set in ancient Egypt, is in the submission process.

Julian de Sevilla

I live in Florida. I burp more than anyone I've ever known.

L.M. Zoller

L.M. Zoller (pronouns: ze/zir or they/them) writes I'll Make It Myself, a queer food blog. Ze is the co-author of the zines The Queer Language of Flowers and The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine Issue 1 and is in the process of editing The Corners of Their Mouth Issue 2 (July 2019). Zir work has also appeared in Comestible Journal. They live with their partner Robin and their two gender-nonconforming cats. Find them on Patreon, Ko-Fi, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @illmakeitmyself; website: illmakeitmyself.net.

Luke Wiget

Luke Wiget lives in Nashville. His work has appeared in Catapult, BOMB, The Millions, The Rumpus, among others. He won the 2015 Quidity Lit Editors Prose Prize and was included in the Wigleaf Top Short Fictions 2014. Luke edits drDOCTOR. You can find him on Twitter @godsteethandme.

Megan VanGorden

Megan is based in the Hudson Valley of New York, where she grew up. She’s been a vegetable farmer, a cook, and a nutrition educator. She currently works as a Gleaning Program Coordinator with Cornell Cooperative Extension. She graduated from Chatham University with a Master of Arts in Food Studies, where she focused on sustainable agriculture. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, gardening, experimenting in the kitchen, eating, and staring at her two adorable pit bull mixes. She especially enjoys funky ferments and pizza.

Parker Hanlon

Parker Hanlon is a fast-casual refugee that believes school lunches and socialism are good things, as for the same reason. Parker thinks everyone can be a baker, except Flat Earthers. Parker wants to abolish tipping, prisons, and professional sports.

Steph Box

Steph Box loves goats, cheese, and farming. She's loosely based in Pittsburgh as she travels the country living out of her car. Currently, she's working on a goat dairy farm in Utah.

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